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Many drivers who'd never consider skipping a basic service like an oil change often overlook their tires. But tires play a crucial role in your car's performance and safety.

Systems like traction control and anti-lock brakes rely on your tires, as they're the only part of your car that touches the road! And since your local Porsche Newport Beach dealer is committed to keeping your car safe, reliable, and performing at it's best, our highly trained technicians always stress the importance of properly maintaining your tires.

Because if the weather turns rotten, you hit some rocky road, or you're just out carving corners on a Sunday drive, you'll appreciate the peace of mind a fresh set of rubber inspires. After all, when you're replacing your tires, you're ensuring your vehicle's ride, handling traction, and safety.

How You Can Tell You Need New Tires

Age, use, and road surfaces all contribute to the life of your tire. Different models and brands vary considerably, if you're unsure, have your tires inspected at Porsche Newport Beach. But it's generally advised to replace any tire before the ten-year mark.

Even being over or under-inflated can have a pronounced impact on your vehicle's handling and fuel efficiency, and a proper alignment is also crucial to making sure you get every mile out of your new tires. Your service advisor will be able to identify any problems with your tires, but the infographic below shows some of the most common issues, and what they mean for the health of your vehicle.

What are your Tires Telling You?
Look for some of these signs that indicate replacement is needed

Signs that indicate when to replace tires

Shopping For New Tires

At your local Porsche Newport Beach dealer, you'll find the industry's best selection of tires for every type of vehicle. Everything we stock is competitively priced, and ready to be professionally installed, so your service advisor will provide options for your vehicle and budget. Here's what you can expect from your local Porsche Newport Beach Tire Store.

  • A complete lineup of 18 major tire brands
  • Over 15,000 different tire options
  • Same day and next day availability
  • Original Equipment and high-quality alternatives
  • Manufacturer rebates available 
  • 24-Month Road Hazard Protection (100% year 1, 50% year 2)

When shopping for new tires, there are a few important factors to consider. Where you live and how you drive are important, and your service advisor will be able to help you choose from versatile all-seasons, slush-ready winter tires, sporty performance models, or rugged off-roaders. But regardless of what you select, It's important to always purchase tires as a complete set, as modern cars are sensitive to the differences between each wheel. Another tip? Don't forget to check the age and condition of your spare, as you'll want it to be ready if you need it.

Of course, your local AutoNation Tire Store is here to make your tire buying experience as affordable and hassle free as possible. So stop by or make an appointment today!    
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